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Premier DX 35mm

Varsity RP vs Liberty 9-2-4-15 (199) I was using this camera up until 1997. I wasn't really into photography much so I only used it from time to time. It's a nice camera, compact but using standard 35mm film. I still have it and it probably still works. I remember when I bought it the advanced feature was that it would print the date on the photo itself. 

Kodak Disc

Disc film camera In the 1980's Kodak made this interesting camera format. The film was a 15 frame disc. It made the camera very thin. I had one of these cameras as I felt it was cutting edge. Well it didn't really take off but it did look good, well I thought so, in a 1980's kind of way!

Micro 110

I had a camera like this when I was a kid. It used the 110 film cartridge, normally that would go inside the camera but in this case it went around it. It was billed as a "spy camera" because it was so small. Of course these days it is rather big and we are all used to smartphone cameras. Back in the 1980's this was pretty amazing. 

My mum's Kodak Instamatic

Kodak Instamatic film camera This wasn't my camera but I've included it because I remember it fondly from my childhood. It must've been the first camera I used. It took Instamatic cartridge film, my mum liked that because you didn't have to thread it onto the spindle as you did with 35mm film. There wasn't a built-in flash, instead you used the flash cubes as you can see in the picture. The cube was a clever design, you'd take a photo with the flash then turn the cube to have another flash bulb ready. This camera didn't take batteries, they weren't needed. It was a very compact camera, it was very popular at the time. The photos from it have a particular square shape.